Date Ideas in Davis County

by discoverdavis

Cover Photo by Jash Dash

Ah, love.  Love is what brings us together today.  You and your love are in Davis County.  Maybe you live here, or maybe you are temporarily stationed at Hill Air Force Base and you’re wondering what there is to do, or maybe you’re just here visiting for the weekend.  Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day and you need some date ideas to aid your planning for the occasion.  No matter how old you are, no matter what you love to do, no matter your budget, no matter the season, and no matter your love language, we have some date ideas for you and yours whether it’s your 1st date or your 50th. 

While most of the date ideas here are for quality time, there are so many ways to connect with the people you love and your true love in Davis.  Here are our date ideas for you in Davis County, day dates and date nights included.

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Date Ideas in Davis County

Love Language: Quality Time Date Ideas
     The Play Date
     The Thrill Date
     The Adventure Date
     The Artistic Date
     The Basic Date
     The Coffee Date
Love Language: Acts of Service Date Ideas
     The Volunteer Date
Love Language: Physical Touch Date Ideas
     The Dance Date
     The Spa Date
     The Netflix & Chill Date
Love Language: Words of Affirmation
     Valentine’s Day Cards
Love Language: Receiving Gifts Date Ideas

Love Language: Quality Time

Nothing quite conveys “I Love You,” like spending quality time with your SO.  Thankfully in Davis we have lots of options to spend quality time together.  Whether it’s spending time in the great outdoors on any number of adventure dates, going out on a mural hunt to get some cute pictures together, you know…for the ‘gram, or being basic together (nothing wrong with the good ol’ dinner and a movie), we’ve got something for everyone! We aren’t love experts but our advice – don’t let your age define you!  You’re never too young to appreciate good art or too old to play.

The Play Date

So many options for play here!  We are Utah’s Amusement Capital for a reason and no matter the season, what’s better than getting back in touch with your inner child?  Maybe it’ll remind you of those earlier memories when you first fell in love.  Rekindling them with a fun night of competitive bowling, laser tag or arcade games.  Plus, play dates give you fun opportunities to double date with friends, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Solve a Mystery Together at Great Room Escape

Team name? Check. Problem-solving skills? Check. An attitude ready to solve mysteries? Check. You have one hour. You and your partner have only your wits, intuition, and problem-solving skills to find a way out and solve a mystery! With fully immersive rooms, including tension and pressure makes this a fun challenge for anyone. If you’ve never done this before and you’re wondering, what exactly is an escape room? Great Room Escape describes it as, “…a murder mystery on steroids, gamified theater, a living puzzle, real-life video games, interactive entertainment or an intense team-building experience.” You can always join a group or go on a double, triple, or quadruple date! Be careful though, do one escape room and soon you’ll want to try their other rooms and themes! They offer great deals on bounce back passes so you can totally come back and do the other rooms they offer, they have 5 in total. Each room is a 1-hour experience to try and find all the clues and complete whatever mission you choose. Escape the room, not your relationship.

Closed Sundays | 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm (10:00 pm on weekends)

The budget: $30 per ticket

Nearby dining recommendations: 

  • Keep it budget-friendly: HuHot Mongolian Grill 
  • Splurge-worthy: Hook & Reel Seafood

Interact with animals at SeaQuest

Couple enjoying an animal interaction at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

If your date loves animals then a good date idea is planning an excursion to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Layton. Located within Layton Hills Mall, you’ll find this interactive aquarium where their motto is, “if you can reach it, you can touch it.” This motto applies to the animals only and not your date! If you want to keep it simple, just pay admission and get some food tokens, but if you want to take it to the next level then purchase some extra tokens for encounters. They come as single tokens or bundles of 15, 25, 40, or 60 (you can always save them too if you’d like to come back!) Some of their interactions include Asian otters, a baby sloth, and a kinkajou. Or you can pay for their bigger experiences that include snorkeling with the stingrays and the fishy kisses pedicure. They have an adorable gift shop if your date also has a receiving gifts love language. 

Open 7 days a week

The Budget: $20 per ticket

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Layton Hills Mall Food Court
  • Splurge-worthy: 99 Thai Fusion

Bounce Around at Urban Air

You don’t need to reserve jumping on the trampoline for when you visit your parents. Go anytime you want at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. Not only is there jumping, but you can climb ropes and rock walls, or soar on their Sky Rider. Take your happiness…and your relationship, to new heights. Let’s bounce!

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $20.99 – $25.99 per ticket

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Lucky Slice Pizza
  • Splurge-worthy: Manuel’s El Burrito

Take a yoga class

Couples who yoga together, stay together. Well. We don’t know if that’s entirely true, but whether you like to work out with your SO or not, we think a yoga class is a fun, low-key way to spend an hour together and be a little healthier. Sign up for a class at Root to Rise, located in Station Park. There are a variety of classes and high-quality instructors, plus you’re located right next to so many dining options to finish the date off with either lunch or dinner.

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $15 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Vessel Kitchen
  • Splurge-worthy: PF Chang’s 

Go Ice Skating

Couple skiing in the snow at the Bountiful Ice Ribbon

No matter the season, you can always go indoor ice skating at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful. Our favorite though is gliding along Bountiful’s Ice Ribbon. This outdoor ice skating ribbon is limited to winter only, but it’s a fun date opportunity to get bundled up and get outside in the winter. It’s especially magical when it’s snowing. Since the ribbon is located right in Bountiful Town Square you can walk over to FiiZ once you’re done skating for some delicious hot cocoa to enjoy next to their outdoor fireplace. 

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $10 per person (includes skate rentals)

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Smokin’ Bones BBQ
  • Splurge-worthy: The Mandarin (make a reservation, people show up 30 minutes before they open)

Tour a Chocolate Factory

You don’t need a golden ticket to get into Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory. If you didn’t know that other chocolate factories existed besides Willy Wonka’s then you’re in for a treat, literally! For only $5, you get a tour of their factory and you get $4 back at the end to spend in their shop on goodies. That’s a pretty fun, and cheap date! Have fun sampling chocolates, seeing how the chocolate gets made (sorry no oompa loompas here), and then extend this into a movie night with….you guessed it, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Closed Sundays

The budget: $5 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Pace’s Dairy Ann
  • Splurge-worthy: Robintino’s

Learn to cook something together

Harmon’s offers lots of cooking classes throughout the year. So if you and your date want to take a more hands-on approach to a dinner date night, then signup for one of their delicious classes! They have a variety of classes from pasta, charcuterie, sushi, southern comfort, and desserts, so you’re sure to find something you both are excited about. Make sure when checking their calendar that you have their Station Park location. The great thing about this date is that the food is already taken care of so there is no need to make any dinner reservations! Make sure you book your class ahead of time so the spots don’t fill up.

Schedule varies by class

The budget: $65 – $125 per person

Have some classic date night fun at any one of our amusement centers.

The Rush Funplex

Couple on indoor go-karts at The Rush Funplex Syracuse.

The Rush Funplex is the largest indoor amusement center in Utah, #nbd. With over 14 attractions from laser tag to foam pits and roller skating, you’re bound to have the time of your life. Just in the mood to do one activity? You can pay for single activities for $8.00 each!

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $25 – $30 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: The Bird
  • Splurge-worthy: Hug-Hes Cafe

The Colosseum

This fun amusement center is located within Layton Hills Mall and has lots of fun activities. Axe throwing, laser tag, archery tag, mini golf, dart tag, and hover ball are just some of the activities you can do while at The Colosseum. Our recommendation is to grab some other couples or friends and do a RAID in October for some intense, active fun!

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $9.99 – $19.99 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Layton Hills Mall Food Court
  • Splurge-worthy: Red Fort Cuisine of India

Boondocks Food & Fun

Indoor and outdoor adventures abound at Boondocks. Try the go-karts, bumper boats, and batting cages or go inside and enjoy their arcade or laser tag. Plan for a Wednesday date night and enjoy their Happy Hour specials or Thursday evenings for Thumbs Up Thursdays.

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

The budget: $30 – $35 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Backporch Grill (on campus)
  • Splurge-worthy: Nikko Sushi and Ramen or Orlando’s Mexican

Classic Fun Center

We love the Classic Fun Center for date night. With a fun skating floor, foam pit, laser tag arena, arcade and more, you’ll be asking yourself, how is it already 10:00?? They have some different pricing tiers depending on how many activities you want to do. This is also a fun place to double or triple date with their group pricing options.

Closed Sundays

The budget: $5.95 – $24.95 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard
  • Splurge-worthy: Weller’s Bistro

The Thrill Date 

Maybe you’re natural thrill-seekers, maybe you met on the side of a mountain while rock climbing or met on a ski lift. No matter what your natural inclination toward thrill-tertainment is, we have some thrilling options for you to get your adrenaline flowing. 

Go skiing!

Davis County doesn’t have a ski resort, but we are central to some of the greatest ski resorts in the US (and no obviously we are not biased). When you use Davis as your home base you can either head south or north to 9 world-class ski resorts. Maybe y’all met shredding some serious pow in the backcountry and you like your diamonds double black. Or, if you’re new to the sport, no worries – book a lesson and learn together! You don’t need to be a pro to have fun…you are up in the mountains and can take a time out at any point to enjoy a good apres ski in the warm lodge with delicious food and drinks. Check out Snowbasin Ski Resort, it has runs for every level of skier or snowboarder. Ignite those flames and make that snow melt with a fun ski date or ski weekend trip!

The budget: $135 – $175 per person

Go to Lagoon

Couple about to ride The Cannibal at Lagoon Amusement Park

We all know relationships can be emotional rollercoasters, but how about going on an actual rollercoaster? Nothing says thrills like Utah’s only amusement park. And if you don’t believe us, ride the Cannibal and then come back and talk to us. There are rides for everyone at Lagoon. Pace your day with a good mix of adrenaline and slower-paced rides like the sky ride or Ferris Wheel where you can cuddle up and take in the views. Is it fall time? Get some of those scary thrills with Lagoon’s haunted attractions from mid-September to Halloween. 

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $97.95 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Did you know that Lagoon lets you bring in your own food and drinks? If you’re trying to save on costs, pack a cooler to bring with you.
  • Splurge-worthy: The Biergarten – located within the park

Mountain Biking at Antelope Island State Park

Couple mountain biking on Antelope Island State Park
Photo: Utah State Parks

We’d recommend mountain biking at Antelope Island because if you don’t have your own equipment it’s really easy to rent bikes on the island. Antelope Island E-Bikes are located right at the end of the causeway, and yes, they are e-bikes! This is especially helpful if you aren’t in tip-top mountain biking shape. You can rent regular e-bikes if you’re looking for a more leisurely excursion, but if you’re looking for those extra thrills then get a mountain bike and head out on their backcountry trails to see a part of the island most visitors don’t get to see! You can also sign up for guided tours if you’d rather have a guide.

There are several other mountain biking spots in Davis County you can find here. We like Fruit Loops because it has some easier terrain if you are new to mountain biking, but The Farm in Farmington has some great terrain. 

The budget: $35 – $105 (varies depending on the type of rental, hours, tours, etc.)

The Adventure Date

Our outdoor adventures in Davis County are nearly endless! Kayaking? Check. Wildlife viewing? Check. ATV-ing? Check. 500+ miles of trails for hiking and biking? Check. The spirit of adventure is at the heart of love, so get out on an outdoor adventure – better yet, make an adventure bucket list with your sweetheart and try them all! 

Go kayaking 

Whether you have your own vessels or you need to rent, never fear, you can find places to rent here. Getting out onto Great Salt Lake can include exploring the western side of Antelope Island or venturing out further to Stansbury Island or Fremont Island. You can see a lot of cool stuff while you’re out there. Or, if you’d rather not brave Great Salt Lake, enjoy these fresh water spots!

Don’t forget your PFD, sunscreen, layers, and plenty of water to last you on your adventure.

The budget: $25 – $31 for all day rentals + $18 for park fees

Take a dip in the Great Salt Lake

This can be done in tandem with kayaking or if you’d rather not bother with the hassle of handling boats and other equipment, you can just hop into Great Salt Lake from Bridger Bay Beach at Antelope Island State Park. Bring a picnic with you and stay at one of the day sites. They even have outdoor showers at Bridger Bay so make sure to bring some soap and a towel and you’ll be be able to get comfortable after your dip, it is salt water after all. 

The budget: $17 for park entrance fees ($15 park entrance fee + $2 causeway fee)

Do a marathon together

K, hear us out before you leave immediately. Maybe you are both runners or maybe you are defaulting to Netflix and Chill far too often and want to be more active. Running is a great way to boost endorphins and a fun way to support each other to achieve something big! Just participating is enough to win our respect…no one says you have to finish in the top 10…or at all. Just sayin’. But hey, if you do, we are so proud of you! Check out all of the races, marathons, and ultras throughout the year in Davis County here. Maybe you don’t want to do a race and you just want to be more active, utilize our Wander map to find great trail running options.

Local tip: Antelope Island is a great place to trail run in the winter months.

The budget: $10 – $40 per person per signup

Rent an ATV and explore Farmington Canyon

Farmington Canyon is beautiful in the summer and fall (but closed in Winter).  This date idea involves renting an off-road vehicle and going up the canyon together, which is honestly just a fun way of getting up into the mountains. If you don’t want to bother with rentals, it’s driveable as well. Be aware of the risks of driving on dirt mountain roads in whatever your personal vehicle is, and maybe brush up on your tire-changing skills. Want to make it a weekend trip? Take your camping stuff and stay up at the Bountiful Peak Campground.

Closed in the winter

The budget: $275 – $325 for ATV & Side by Sides rentals (two-seaters *wink wink*)

Wildlife Trip! 

Couple taking a picture on Antelope Island with statue
Photo: Utah State Parks. The wildlife you can approach. Posing with the painted bison is another good photo op!

Can’t afford to go to Yellowstone? Go to Antelope Island instead. While you might be missing some of the other astounding things that Yellowstone has to offer, one thing you won’t miss? BISON! Antelope Island has one of the largest free-roaming bison herds in the US. Depending on the time of year, there are between 400-700 bison on the island. Another cool way to see bison is if you plan a date for the Bison Roundup, which happens on the last Saturday of October every year.

It’s not only bison wildlife you can see on the island, you might see some Pronghorn Antelope, porcupines, and lots of birds! So, load up the car for a fun day trip to Antelope Island State Park. Pack a lunch, layers, prepare a good playlist, bring some binoculars, and bug spray. The fun thing about Antelope Island is that you oftentimes don’t need to leave your car to really get out and see bison. Plus, if you have anxiety, staying in your car is a good way to alleviate some safety concerns. But, don’t be fooled, they will still charge your car if you get too close…we can confirm. If you like creepy crawlies then you can even see spider wildlife (that counts right?) at the Annual Spider Festival every August.

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $17 for park entrance fees ($15 park entrance fee + $2 causeway fee)

E-Biking on Antelope Island

New to e-biking? This fun alternative to man-powered pedal bikes gives you a little boost so that you won’t be a sweat-drenched mess at the end of your date. Get a regular road bike and head down Mountain View Road to Fielding Garr Ranch where you can see historical artifcats and learn about the island’s early history. Or get a mountain bike version and head to the backcountry trailhead for some off-road adventure where it’ll most likely be just the two of you…and the bison. Although a bison encounter would certainly be thrilling, we don’t recommend it. Give them their space and practice good wildlife encounter safety practices. Antelope E-Bikes also offers guided bike tours if you want a guide.

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $35 – $105 (If you’d like to keep it budget-friendly then you can always bring your own bikes.)

Hit the trail

Couple hiking in the mountains in Davis County Utah
Photo: Jay Dash

Who says you have to summit a mountain when you hike? We have some beautiful, flat boardwalk options in the wetlands if you don’t have the mobility or stamina required to travel up mountain ridges or you’re scared about what could be lurking in those canyon depths. Plus, the great things about hiking is that you can turn around anytime. Utilize our Wander map to find a trail near you. Take this further with a picnic and a hike! Enjoy picnic tables at the beginning of Mueller Park Trail in Bountiful and Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake.

Find your guide to Davis County trails here. The great thing about hiking outdoors is that it’s budget-friendly. Just remember that if you’re venturing to the island, park fees will apply (about $17 for the park fee and causeway fee). Whether you want something short, easy, and flat in the wetlands, or you want to spend all day to try and summit a peak, we have trails that will fit any type of adventure.

The budget: $0

The Artistic Date

Go appreciate some art together! You may learn something new about each other you never knew before. Dates like this are fun because if you aren’t typically an artistic couple, it gives you an opportunity to branch out and learn your partner’s taste in art (which may be drastically different than you thought).

View the exhibits at the BDAC

Couple discussing local art exhibit

Galleries are a good time. There is something fun about being open and receptive to works of art. Sometimes your emotions really do take over and you find yourself having an emotional reaction to some artwork…don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Art brings us together and makes us feel things. Have that experience with someone you love and by the laws of physics, it should compound and make your connection that much deeper.

Closed Sundays & Mondays

The budget: $0 – entry is FREE!

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Vitos (if it’s lunchtime) or Smokin’ Bones BBQ
  • Splurge-worthy: Taste of India

Make the art yourselves 

Couple showing off their paintings from a paint night date

Trying something new and hands-on are two key ingredients in having a memorable and fun date. Whether or not you have artistic talent, making something always feels good. Sign up for a class or paint night at Hands on Art in Farmington. The BDAC also offers monthly art classes! 

Closed Sundays

The budget: $25 – $40 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Chonchis Taco Shop
  • Splurge-worthy: Twig’s Bistro at Station Park

Go to the theatre

Whether or not the play has a romantic theme, it’s a fun way to spend an evening together. The CenterPoint Legacy Theatre has new shows every few months and has won Best of State in Community Theatre for the last 3 years! Needless to say, all their shows are fantastic.

The budget: $19 – $34 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: In-N-Out Burger
  • Splurge-worthy: Fuji Sushi

Attend a Concert

A couple dancing at concert in Station Park Farmington

We have lots of live music options here in Davis which makes it easy to catch a concert throughout the year.

The Davis Arts Council puts on shows all year long!  In the winter you can enjoy their free, Small Stage Series that occurs every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Since their small stage has limited seating, each concert has two performances at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  

However, if it’s nice outside, their programming includes free outdoor concerts at The Kenley every Sunday night. We love these free concert options, but if you’re looking to see some of the bigger performers they bring in as part of their Summer Nights with the Stars program, you will have to purchase tickets ahead of time. Check out their upcoming programming here. Their summer concerts take place at The Kenley Amphitheater which has regular seating as well as grass seating, so make sure to bring your own chairs if you’re going to be on the grass.

The Bountiful Davis Art Center puts on 4 concerts a year (every quarter).  They have a more classic music vibe, which we think is great for those more *romantic* date night vibes.

Every year in August, you can catch a free concert in Station Park on Thursday nights. This Rock the Park concert series happens in Fountain Square and even though it’s hot in August, you’ll hardly notice because you’ll be having so much fun.  Plus, the food and the shopping make this an easy place to enjoy dinner after. Or grab a drink and a treat to have on hand while enjoying the music.  

Another great place to catch a free, outdoor concert is Bountiful City’s Music in the Park all summer long!

The budget: $0

The Basic Date

Dinner and a movie? Not so bad here in Davis, plus we have no shortage of incredible eateries in Davis (over 400 restaurants). If the season is right, enjoy a free, outdoor movie showing at The Kenley Amphitheater or one of our indoor theaters.

Splurge-worthy dinner reservations
Movie Theaters

Go out for drinks

Whether you want to end your night with a couple drinks or it’s your main event, here are some of our favorites places to grab a couple drinks in Davis County. Plan an excursion on Thursday nights for a chance to perform for your love on stage for Karaoke Night at Bout Time Pub & Grub. Or coordinate your date night at The Coop on Tuesdays for Bingo Night or Wednesdays for Trivia Night!

Bars & Pubs

The Coffee Date

Couple enjoying date at coffee shop

Want a stress-free date option with no pressure? There is nothing better than the coffee date! Especially as a first date…which may even come full circle and turn into your engagement spot years later, who knows! Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, coffee shops have a fun, casual environment and most offer non-caffeinated drinks.

If you’d rather have a brunch date, check out our favorite spots here.

Our favorite coffee shops:

Battlegrounds Coffee in Bountiful is also a game shop, so if you plan your coffee date there then you can take it to the next level and play some games.

The budget: $5 per person 

Have Afternoon Tea

Rather than coffee, what if you did tea time? Head to Annie’s Cafe for a fun afternoon, tea time adventure that isn’t a full brunch, nor is it just coffee. Enjoy tiny sandwiches with delicious tea and have fun feelin’ fancy British-style!

The budget: $30 & $100 (2 package options)

Love Language: Acts of Service

The Volunteer Date

Sniff-About Program at Animal Care of Davis County

Maybe you both like to give service. Or you just decide that it’s time to give back. Well, if you’re looking for a fun service date opportunity and you love dogs, then this is for you. Take a shelter dog out for a walk together! The Sniff-About program at the local shelter offers opportunities for anyone to come in and take an eligible doggie out for a walk, hike, or a pup cup. The process takes 5-10 minutes until you are matched to a dog and you’re good to go, just make sure you have them back by 5:30 pm.

The budget: $0

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Old Grist Mill Bread Company
  • Splurge-worthy: Orlando’s Mexican Restaurant

Love Language: Physical Touch

Go Dancing!

Maybe Davis isn’t known for it’s night scene or clubs, but there can still be date night dancing to be found…on skates! Plan date night at the Classic Fun Center on Saturday night for the Flashback Roller Disco. Really, what’s better than skate dancing? Make it an extra fun night and get dressed up in your grooviest disco outfit! Sparkles and throwback music, yes please! Flashback Saturday Night goes until Midnight. If you’re not sure if you’ll be good on skates then just remember you have your date to hold onto to help keep you steady until you’re ready to skate like a pro ;).

The budget: $9.95 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: C & B Famous Chicken
  • Splurge-worthy: Bout Time Pub & Grub or Kickin’ Seafood

The Spa Date

Get pedicures together 

Why not make a date out of pampering yourselves? Head to Station Park and make an appointment for two at M. Vince Nail Spa and treat your feet. No matter who you are, your feet can always use some TLC. Plus, this way you can pay someone else to rub your love’s feet so you don’t have to. It’s a win-win. 

Open 7 days a week

The budget: $35 – $90 per person

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Santorini’s Greek Grill
  • Splurge-worthy: Vietopia Bistro

Get a couples massage

Nothing quite says romance than being pampered in a spa with your partner! The Sego Lily Spa has a few packages for a “Couples Retreat” as basic as a simple couples massage to a full-on “Couples Escape!” So, whether you just want a massage or you want to level up with a soak and facials, they have a lot of spa packages for you and your love to choose from. They have locations in Layton and Bountiful.

Closed Sundays

The budget: $140 – $530

The Netflix & Chill Date

Grab takeout and have date night at home. Now, you can go the delivery and streaming services route, but here’s a fun pitch: go out to Top Hat Video in Bountiful, one of the last standing video rental stores in probably the whole world, and pick something out together to watch. You might find an old classic or something new. Plus, Top Hat is located in a shopping square that has a variety of dining options to grab takeout.

The budget: $5

Nearby dining recommendations:

  • Keep it budget-friendly: Ti Amo Wood Fired Pizza
  • Splurge-worthy: Fat Fish

The Romantic Staycation or Weekend Getaway

Hyatt Place exterior at dusk in Farmington Utah.

Maybe you’ve been together a long time and spending a night away from home and away from the kids sounds like your ideal date night. We want to make getting away easy for you and if you book a night at one of our hotels, you can actually get cash back (received upon check-in at the hotel). Use those funds to spice up your weekend plans. Our recommendation is the Hyatt Place located in Station Park. It’s beautiful, has a lot of amenities (including a hot tub and pool), and is in proximity to other activities and shopping.

The budget: $139 per night (rates are subject to change)

Love Language: Words of Affirmation

Not quite sure of the right words to say to express how you feel? You’re not alone. It’s hard to find the words to describe how you feel about someone or express how deeply your love runs. If you’re not a poet don’t worry, leave the words to the professionals at Hallmark with a nice card. Or, if your partner is the sprinkles to your donut, then say it…with an actual donut! All of these spots are delicious treat-gifting opportunities. And if you need more food-related or Davis-related love puns, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out because love can not and will not be silenced!

Treats they’ll love
Find flowers as beautiful as they are

Valentine’s Day Cards

Love Language: Receiving Gifts

Treat yo’selves! Everyone loves a gift, especially when it conveys I know you and I see you. Good thing we have lots of shopping in Davis and gift ideas for everyone. Plus, you can easily pair any of these shopping areas with other date ideas from this list.  Layton Hills Mall, Station Park, and Bountiful Main Street are full of date opportunities, shops, and more!

Shopping Date at Station Park

Couple enjoying fountain at Station Park, Farmington Utah.

There are so many shops at Station Park and it’s an unbelievably gorgeous venue. You can enjoy fountain shows year-round and bask in the summer heat or sit next to one of their outdoor fireplaces to feel the warmth in the winter. If you’re a couple who loves to play games then we’d recommend heading into Teton Toys to grab a new game to play together. Station Park makes for a fun shopping outing, no matter what you both like! 

Shopping Date on Bountiful Main Street

Couple enjoying mural in Bountiful, Utah.

Do they like to craft? Stop in Seed Stitch store for artisan yarn and thread or Touche for some beautiful bath and body or apparel. Head into Madeleine L’Amour, great for gifts and tea sets. Stop outside of The Book Garden and snap a picture together in front of the new mural, then head inside for some books – perfect for the bookworm you love. Head into Pistil + Thorn to pick up some more plant babies until you’re ready for the real thing. Maybe you and your boo love the lord, enjoy a fun little Christian gift shop, One Moment in Time for all your spiritual gifts. Maybe y’all are musicians, head into Murphy’s Guitars music shop to check out their selection and maybe try a few out to serenade your date. Maybe you can both practice on some drums because that’s fun and definitely not annoying. And just maybe, you’ll decide you need matching djembe drums. No judgment, fun is fun! Whether you shop together or you pick up something special for your someone, there are lots of options on Bountiful Main Street to show someone you are thinking of them and love them!

If you shop together, grab a treat either at Blacksmith Ice Cream or Sweet Cake Bake Shop. Finally, if you’re at this level, nothing has been a longer-standing tradition of romantic love than jewelry. So, if you’ve both had the DTR and you’re there, Fadel’s Fine Jewelry is a long-time local jeweler and you’re bound to find something beautiful for your one true love. 

Do some good with your gift

Heart Rocks from TakeHeart, local business in Utah

Take Heart Rocks is a local entrepreneur with a great mission: suicide awareness. Not only are these heart rocks gorgeous, but they support a great cause!  

The Discover Davis Dowdle Puzzle

Discover Davis Dowdle Puzzle Artwork

Memorialize your time in Davis County with our Dowdle puzzle! You may find as you’re putting together the pieces that you’ve found your own puzzle piece. 

We hope this helped you with some date ideas in Davis County for you and your special someone. And hey, this isn’t exclusively for romantic love, plus, maybe you’re single or you want to cultivate your other relationships. Who said celebrating love was purely for those who are romantically inclined? It’s 2023 and you can celebrate the love you share with parents, your kids, and the love that keeps us the most grounded…our friendships. So, we love our SOs, but we also love the rest of the people in our lives. Take some time to plan something intentional with anyone who matters to you. Trying new things is proven to be good for the soul. Have a great date night!