Family Entertainment

For a day or weekend of family-filled fun, Davis has plenty whether there is rain or sun. Enjoy classic activities like bowling and swimming or catch the latest family flick at one of our theaters. Find something for everyone, no matter their age when you Discover Davis the family way.

Movie Theaters

With six theaters spread throughout Davis, you’ll never miss out on the newest movie releases while enjoying your favorite snacks. We all know movie theater popcorn is the best! Take your pick, whichever theater you choose you’ll get comfy seats for your watching experience.


A timeless activity, bowling is something everyone in the family will love. Davis’ bowling alleys create an inviting atmosphere, and children of all ages are able to play this classic game.

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Whether you’re looking to strap on some roller skates or glide on ice skates, you’re in the right place. Roller skate year-round at the Classic Fun Center, or take advantage of the seasonal fun of ice skating in the outdoors at the Bountiful Ice Ribbon.


Get active with your family by taking e-bike tours, visiting a local recreation center or taking time to exercise your brain with a good ol’ escape room. If you have little ones, they will love running around Coconut Cove. Let out the wiggles with plenty of ways to play.


Time to make a splash! Take your family for a dip at one of the local pools or the Great Salt Lake. Nothing beats a day spent in water, floating, swimming or simply relaxing nearby.

Arts & Culture Adventures

Find show-stopping musical theatre and inspirational visual arts in Davis when visiting our local theaters and art center.

Shopping Sprees

Spot the new styles of the season, catch the clearance deals and bring home tales of the sales!

Outdoor Excursions

Explore exhilarating outdoor activities like hiking and biking the trails, bird watching and swimming in The Great Salt Lake.

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After a Day of Play — Stay

A long day of play will tucker anyone out. Stay the night and wait a little longer before returning to the normal day-to-day.

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