Top 6 Mountain Biking Trails In Davis County

by Discover Davis

Some of the best mountains in Utah are right in our backyard and there are so many different ways to explore them. Mountain biking has always been an exciting way to experience our mountains but has recently grown in popularity. Whether you are just starting out with mountain biking or are an expert, here are the top 6 mountain biking trails in Davis County. But there are far more than just 6 mountain biking trails in Davis County! For a full list of trails to explore in Davis County, click here.

1. Fruit Loops Mountain Bike Park

Fruit Heights’ new mountain bike trail has been affectionately nicknamed, “Fruit Loops” and is just as fun as it sounds. This one-way directional trail system is great for all experience levels. The construction on the outer loop concluded in mid-October 2018 and with the support of the mountain biking community, additional loops were recently added for intermediate and advanced riders (see light blue and red trails on map below). 

Best times to ride: Spring, summer or fall
Level: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced
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Man jumping mountain bike on Fruit Loops Trail
Map of Fruit Heights Mountain Bike Park

2. Bonneville Shoreline Trail (I-84 to Farmington)

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is one of the first trails to be ready to ride in the spring and continues to be a wonderful and frequently used trail throughout the summer and into fall. It offers great views of the valley, with wildflowers spread along the route in springtime. You’ll ride across some creek and bridge crossings as you make your way along this single-track trail.

Best times to ride: Spring, summer or fall
Level: Intermediate
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Fernwood Recreation Site, Kaysville Utah
Photo by Scott Stanger (@badmannersnfc)

3. Mueller Park Trail in Bountiful

This trail found in Mueller Park is gorgeous. But, it’s also very busy, so we suggest you ride in the early morning or middle of the day to avoid the traffic. You have the option of riding up to Elephant Rock and back, or going further all the way to Rudy’s Flat and completing the loop down the north side after that.

Mueller Park Trail

Best times to ride: Late spring after the snow melts to early fall before it gets too wet up top.
Level: Intermediate
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4. East Mountain Wilderness Park Loop in Kaysville

Biker’s Edge worked with Kaysville City to create this 1.3-mile loop trail in 2012. They designed the trail to include rollers and berms to make it a blast to ride, but that also means it’s best for intermediate to experienced riders. The route crosses the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (also in our top five trails) several times along the way. 

Best times to ride: Spring, summer or fall
Level: Intermediate
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East Wilderness Park Kaysville

5. Mountain View Trail on Antelope Island

The Mountain View Trail is an easy, 22-mile out-and-back trail (around 11 miles each way) on Antelope Island State Park. You’ll ride along the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake, which makes for a unique experience. On the secluded island, you’ll feel like you’re truly in the wild. The area is home to thousands of birds and hundreds of bison, antelope, and other wildlife that you may encounter during your ride. The view of the lake and mountains in the distance are especially stunning during sunrise or sunset, so be sure to have a camera handy. The trail is open all year long, but it’s best to ride in early spring and fall to avoid the bugs that are more abundant during the summer.

Best times to ride: Early spring and fall
Level: Beginner 
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Biking on Antelope Island

6. Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake

The Wild Rose Trail, located in North Salt Lake, is a short route at around two miles up and back. Its length makes it great for a quick ride or perfect for training, by doing multiple loops. At the top, you can enjoy the view of the valley, which stretches out to the Great Salt Lake. Some areas along the trail can break down and become loose once fall arrives, so you may want to hit this one in the spring and summer. Also, there is little shade on this trail, so be sure to pack water and wear sunscreen.
Best times to ride: Spring and summer
Level: Intermediate
Learn more about this trail:

North Salt Lake hiking
Photo by Fernando Dahlgreen (@effstop_trucker_photographer)

Bike Rentals

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Special thanks to Zach Chatelain, owner of Biker’s Edge in Kaysville, for providing us with information and resources on these Davis County trails.

You can also pick up a hard copy of our Trails and Bikeways Map at any city office building (by appointment only) or bike shop in Davis County.

Now grab your mountain bike and go #PlayInDavis.