Seeing many visitors annually, SeaQuest actively strives to provide visitors with a special and memorable experience to see, hear and feed the animals while preserving and saving animals’ lives.

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Spot Species From All Over the World

Journey through wonders of the world to spy species from the Amazon Rainforest and an Icelandic Fishing Village to the South Pacific and Great Wall of China. What critters, creatures and mammals will you find?

Listen for the Animals

Use your ears to catch the sounds of birds as you walk through the aviaries!! If you listen closely, maybe you’ll be able to hear the Crocodile before you see it.

Interact with and Feed the Animals

Unique to Sequest, not only can you see and hear creatures in their habitats but also feed and interact with them! Your enhanced interaction could be snorkeling with stingrays, feeding otters and kinkajous or petting a sloth.

Save Your Spot at SeaQuest

Start your SeaQuest journey with daily admission tickets. For feeding opportunities, tokens are required. Enhanced interactions are separate purchases that must be made ahead of time.

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