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If you have been to a show at the CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, then you know how great their performances are. After winning Utah’s Best of State in Community Theatre in 2020, 2021, AND 2022, it is officially official. You will not want to miss their amazing 2024 season, Season passes make really great gifts. Buy your tickets here.

Make it a date night

You’ve got two tickets for a show at the CenterPoint Theatre, now all you need is a dinner reservation! Here are our nearby favorites:

  • Hug-Hes Cafe. If you’re wanting a nice sit-down experience where you can get some good dinner and a couple of cocktails prior to the show then make your reservation at Hug-Hes.
  • Fuji Sushi. If you like sushi then look no further than Fuji Sushi. With more rolls than you can count, there is something for everyone.

Both of these restaurants are located 0.2 miles from the theatre so it’ll be easy to head right over after dinner. CenterPoint has a small concession stand so you can get a little treat and some drinks. Our favorite is the caramel chocolate-dipped pretzel rods from Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates.

If you’re looking for a nightcap after the theatre, without heading into Salt Lake City or Ogden, you can head slightly south to the Downunder Club in Bountiful (open until 1:00 am) or north to Stockmans Bar in Layton (open until 2:00 am). Both are dive bars with a fun mix of locals, pool tables, and music.

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre presents the 2024 Season

Kiss Me Kate

Directed by Jim Christian

Introducing the Broadway classic, Kiss Me Kate, a dazzling musical comedy that will sweep you off your feet! Set in the glamorous world of showbiz, this amusing tale follows the hilarious backstage antics of a touring production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. As the leading lady, Lilli clashes with her ex-husband and co-star, Fred Graham, both on and off the stage, their fiery chemistry ignites a whirlwind of mistaken identities, romantic entanglements, and uproarious comedy. With toe-tapping songs, dazzling dance numbers, and a dash of Shakespearean charm, Kiss Me Kate is a delightful theatrical experience that will leave you smiling, laughing, and humming its catchy tunes long after the curtain falls.

Dates: June 12, 2024 thru July 13, 2024

School of Rock

Directed by Danny Inkley

Introducing the electrifying sensation hitting the stage at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre: School of Rock. This smash-hit Broadway musical, based on the beloved film and music by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber is a high-octane tribute to the power of music and the triumph of the underdog. Follow the hilarious and heartwarming journey of Dewey Finn, a wannabe rockstar turned substitute teacher, as he transforms a class of straight-A students into a mind-blowing rock band. Packed with unforgettable tunes, infectious energy and a whole lot of attitudes, School of Rock is a must-see experience that will leave audiences of all ages singing and rocking in their seats. Don’t miss your chance to witness this exhilarating musical at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, where the stage comes alive with the sounds of pure rock ‘n’ roll magic!

Dates: August 2, 2024 thru August 31, 2024

Into the Woods

Directed by Jared Haddock

Into the Woods is a spellbinding Broadway musical that takes you on a captivating journey through the enchanting realm of fairytales. With a Tony award winning score by Stephen Sondheim, this ingenious production weaves together the timeless stories of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, all with a unique twist. As the characters venture into the mysterious woods in search of their heart’s desires, they discover that getting what you wish for may not always lead to happily ever after. With stunning performances, and a mesmerizing score, CenterPoint Legacy Theatre invites you to join us as we embark on this unforgettable adventure where dreams and consequences collide in the woods.

Dates: September 20, 2024 thru October 19, 2024

A Christmas Carol

Directed by Maurie Tarbox

This captivating Broadway musical, follows the heartwarming journey of Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy old man whose life is forever changed one fateful Christmas Eve. Set in the Victorian era, the production boasts magnificent sets, dazzling costumes, and a talented cast that brings Charles Dickens’ beloved characters to life. Audiences will be enthralled as they join Scrooge on a transformative adventure filled with magical encounters, haunting spirits, and ultimately, the power of compassion and redemption. Don’t miss this spectacular holiday extravaganza, a cherished tradition at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre that will leave you filled with joy and the true spirit of Christmas.

Dates: November 15, 2024 thru December 19, 2024

Leishman Hall Performances

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Directed by Matthew T. Hewitt

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s Leishman Performance Hall presents the delightful Broadway musical, ‘You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.’ Join us for an enchanting journey into the world of Peanuts as we follow the endearing and timeless characters created by Charles M. Schulz. In this heartwarming production, audiences of all ages will laugh, sing, and cheer along with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang as they navigate the ups and downs of childhood. This charming musical showcases the humor, resilience, and friendship that have made the Peanuts comic strip a beloved classic for generations. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of ‘You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown’ in the Leishman Performance Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, where unforgettable performances and cherished memories await.

Dates: July 26, 2024 thru August 17, 2024

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play

Directed by Ryan Bruckman

Introducing “It’s a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play” in the Leishman Performance Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre! Step into the enchanting world of 1940s radio broadcasting as we bring this beloved holiday classic to life on stage. Set in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, follow the heartwarming tale of George Bailey, a compassionate and selfless man on the brink of despair. With the help of a jovial angel named Clarence, George is taken on a nostalgic journey through time, rediscovering the true meaning of life, love, and the impact of one’s actions. This captivating adaptation, performed in the style of a live radio play, is a delightful tribute to the iconic film, filled with laughter, tears, and the undeniable magic of the holiday season. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the warmth and joy of “It’s a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play”!

Dates: November 29, 2024- December 21, 2024

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