Arts & Culture

Feel the anticipation sitting in the audience of a live theater production as the passion and power of the performance reverberates off the stage from the talented actors. Or wander through a visual arts experience in a museum where artistic expression is on display. Witness the talent of visual art, music, dance and dialogue when you discover arts and culture in Davis.

Discover Where to Play

Bountiful Davis Art Center

The Bountiful Davis Art Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to engage the community in educational experiences, cultural programs and high-quality fine art. Visit one of the free exhibitions to stroll through the galleries and view the artwork or take the leap and learn how to craft your own artistic talent.

Centerpoint Legacy Theatre

As a nonprofit organization, Centerpoint Legacy Theatre’s mission is to entertain, elevate and educate the community. They do this with Broadway musical productions, the Academy and community outreach. See a show to witness the talent for yourself.

Davis Arts Council

Founded in 1979, the Davis Arts Council has been proudly serving the Northern Wasatch Front as the largest community-based, arts-focused nonprofit organization in Davis County. Feel the power of the arts as a result of their hard work and support them so the arts can continue to strengthen in the area.

Hopebox Theatre

The Hopebox Theatre showcases incredible musical theatre productions throughout the year while accomplishing a mission of hope and inspiration to struggling families overcoming cancer. See a spectacular show and support the community.

On Pitch Performing Arts

Celebrating the power of theater to bring communities together, On Pitch Performing Arts (OPPA!) brings education, entertainment and more for your enjoyment! Appreciate musicals, plays and new productions. Learn and build your own talent as a theater artist with classes and private lessons. There’s a place for you at OPPA!


Davis County is home to a wide variety of fascinating museums and artifacts surrounding the county’s early settlers. Explore early settlement buildings, read historical documents and even set your eyes on aircraft that were used during World War II. What are you waiting for? Discover Davis starting at the places where it all began!

Outdoor Excursions

Explore exhilarating outdoor activities like hiking and biking the trails, bird watching and swimming in The Great Salt Lake.

Shopping Sprees

Spot the new styles of the season, catch the clearance deals and bring home tales of the sales!

Amusement Center Adventures

Enjoy thrills of racing roller coasters, water waves and indoor games when you visit one of our many amusement centers.

Make it Dinner and a Show

A night out around town means you can treat yourself to dinner too. With over 400 restaurants in Davis, there’s plenty to choose from and tons to taste before the show.

Discover Dining Options