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Discover Davis and our sports scene! Come enjoy your tournament here and have the event of the season. Sport specialists can help plan and all you have to do is bring team spirit.

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Tips to get the Ball Rolling

Location is the Foundation

With any sport, starting with the basics sets a solid foundation. Choosing the right location for your event or tournament keeps you from striking out. You’re already on the right track because you’re looking at Davis for your next sports experience.

Load Up on Carbs

Nearby restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, bakeries and various specialty eateries will keep you drooling for more. You can even order takeout or cater in for the whole team.

Proximity to Stay and Play

Win or lose, once the game is over it’s time to let loose.  Our sports facilities are close to nationally-branded hotels and local attractions where everyone will have a ball!

  • Western Sports Park

    Ready to transform your next event into an unforgettable experience? The Western Sports Park in Davis County is a premier sports and recreation venue 15 minutes north of Salt Lake City across from Station Park and the Frontrunner. The Western Sports Park offers extraordinary facilities and limitless possibilities to create great experiences!

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  • South Davis Recreation Center

    Whether a spectator or a team player, the South Davis Recreation Center is a great location for any tournament, event or community game. The knowledgeable staff can help you coordinate, execute and make your next sports event a win for everyone.

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  • City Fields and Facilities

    In each city in Davis County, there are baseball fields, soccer fields and playgrounds which can be used and reserved for events. Find the location that’s right for you and contact the county for reservation information.

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Our Activities and Meetings Planning Guide — For You!

You can also download the activities and meetings planning guide for more information and uncover the options from sports event planning to adventuring after the game is over. Discover the all-encompassing fun for you and your team.

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Talk to an Event Specialist

No one wants to strike out when it comes to planning a big sporting event. Our team can talk through your event or tournament to make sure you get exactly what you need. Make your event a success with additional support.