Veteran Memorials

Davis loves to honor the brave military men and women who have served our country. Find multiple memorials, statues and events that pay tribute to these selfless veterans.

Bountiful Veterans Park

This unique park honors veterans from Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, North Salt Lake and Centerville. The park recognizes those who served during the War of 1812 all the way to current conflicts. Veterans’ names are engraved on granite walls where their service will forever be recognized. Visit the Bountiful Veterans Park.

Layton City Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica

The Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica contains the names of 52,317 names of servicemen and women who died during the Vietnam War. Of those service members, 366 were from Utah with 6 from Layton. Visit this special monument and schedule a tour for a more in-depth experience.

Layton Veterans Parade and Veterans Honors Ceremony

In honor of Veterans Day, Layton hosts a Veterans Parade and Honors Ceremony. The Honors Ceremony takes place at the Vietnam Memorial Replica site. This event is one of the ways Davis and its community can say thank you to the servicemen and women of the armed forces.

U.S. Army Ranger and Air Force Memorial

In 1992, just off the shore of Antelope Island, 12 brave Air Force servicemen died in a helicopter crash. The memorial monument was erected and dedicated to these soldiers in 1994 and it was re-dedicated in 2012. It can be found on Antelope Island State Park.

9-11 Memorial at the USU Botanical Center

Created to honor those who lost their lives during the 9-11 terrorist attack, specifically two victims from Kaysville, Utah and one graduate from USU. The memorial holds the names of 129 U.S. servicemen and women from Utah who have since died in the ongoing war on terrorism. Visit the 9-11 Memorial at the USU Botanical Center.

Flag Rock

Located in Farmington, this is another memorial dedicated to those who perished during 9-11. An American flag waves from the hillside east of Farmington, visible from across the city. The flag was raised to honor the emergency personnel, Pentagon service members and civilians who were victims of the attacks. There is a hike to the flag which includes an elevation change of 1,353 feet — the same height as the Twin Towers before they fell.

Clinton Veterans Park

This small memorial resides in Clinton. Hosting the inscription “All gave some, some gave all,” and the bricks in the memorial include the names of fallen soldiers.

Civil War Cannon

On the southwest corner of the Farmington Historical Museum sits a replica of a Civil War cannon. The cannon is mounted on a rock monument where people can visit it.

Elmer J. Criddle Memorial

Located in Kaysville City Cemetery, the Elmer J. Criddle memorial honors the service and sacrifice of Criddle during World War I. Criddle went missing in action and was eventually declared dead. He was a private in the U.S. Army.

Freedom Hills Park

Freedom Hills Park sits in Centerville with a statue of a soldier on a pedestal. The statue features plaques honoring the branches of the U.S. Military.

West Point Military Memorial

The West Point Military Memorial represents the five military branches and includes the names of the city’s veterans. It is located at the Loy F. Blake Park in West Point.

Davis County Memorial Courthouse Veterans Memorial

Located in the Farmington Memorial Courthouse under the famous stained glass window, there is a plaque memorializing Davis County veterans from the Civil War, the Black Hawk Indian Troubles, the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection and World War I. The stained glass window shows an angel heralding the efforts of a sailor and soldier with the inscription “They who sacrifice most live longest in the hearts of the people.”

Discover More About Military History

Round out your visit to these memorials by heading to the Hill Aerospace Museum. Get a firsthand look at aviation through the years with over 70 aircraft on display.

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