Bountiful Davis Art Center

The visual and artistic expression of paint, sculpture, drawing, photography, design and more creates masterpieces that are shared with the community at the Bountiful Davis Art Center. As a nonprofit organization with a mission to engage the community and visitors, immerse yourself in educational experiences, cultural programs and high-quality fine art.

Discover the Bountiful Davis Art Center

Experience the Exhibitions

Three galleries in the Bountiful Davis Art Center provide free exhibitions to the public for eye-catching visuals and artistic masterpieces. Wander through expressive emotions and stories captured by some of the finest artists in the state through paint, sculpture, mixed media and other artistic mediums.

Make Your Own Art

Start your own visual or performing arts journey through classes at the Bountiful Davis Art Center. Professionally taught art and theater classes give children and adults the opportunity to learn new skills, craft new talents and express passion for the arts.

Art Events

Events bring excitement to artists and art lovers alike. Witness the worldwide, 30-year tradition of cultural celebrations when attending Summerfest. Participate in the performing arts concerts of Musicfest or the annual Gingerbread Competition. Many musical concerts and events showcase The Bountiful Davis Art Center’s recital stage with two Steinway pianos that move audiences and event attendees. 

Immerse Yourself in the Arts

View and hear art that inspires and make your own to take home! The Bountiful Davis Art welcomes all to experience the magic of the arts.

Begin at the Bountiful Davis Art Center