Seven Unique Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

by Discover Davis

Love soaking up the summer sun? When those scorching days hit, there’s nothing like a cold treat to cool you down. Discover seven unique and tasty treats available in Davis County, Utah, guaranteed to help you beat the heat this summer.

Famous Frozen Custard: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard in Bountiful and Layton

USA Today, the LA Times and the Salt Lake Tribune all named Nielsen’s Frozen Custard one of the “100 best things to eat in America.” This delicious treat contains much less air than traditional ice cream, giving it a thick, rich and creamy consistency.

Rainbows and Astro Bars: Pace’s Dairy Ann in Woods Cross and Layton

The Rainbow is an original creation consisting of a slushy drink with scrumptious ice cream down the middle. You can mix and match between 12 different flavors. Or, cool down with an Astro Bar—a tasty frozen treat made in-house at Pace’s Dairy Ann.

Ice Cream: Blacksmith in Bountiful

Nothing hits the spot on a hot day quite like refreshing cold churn ice cream. Bask in the sun on Main Street, where you’ll find Blacksmith Ice Cream Co. ready to serve you various flavors.

Italian Ice: Soda Crazy in Layton

Experience a little bit of culture when you cool off with an Italian Ice from Soda Crazy. This smooth, icy treat comes in many flavors, including unique choices like a margarita, sour apple, passion fruit, orange cream, and salted caramel.

Seasonal Lemon Freeze: Burger Stop in Layton

We all know a cool glass of lemonade can really hit the spot on a hot day. But even better—you can get it in ice-cream form from Burger Stop. Their seasonal Lemon Freeze mixes lemon and ice cream in an uncommon, yet mouthwatering, way.

burger stop

Granitas: Caffe Torino in Farmington

This coffee bar is modeled after shops in Northern Italy, that owner Mari Livermore spent time at while growing up. Stop by for a Granita, a semi-frozen dessert similar to sorbet and Italian ice with a coarser, more crystalline texture.  They have iced coffees, smoothies and other treats also.

Mountain Chillers and Fruit Smoothies: Daily Rise Coffee in Layton

If you need a little pick-me-up while you’re cooling down, try a Mountain Chiller from Daily Rise coffee. This cool concoction comes in blended mocha, white mocha, vanilla latte, or chai latte flavors. Or, skip the caffeine and pick up a 100% natural fruit smoothie if that’s your style.

Drinking a Beverage from Daily Rise Coffee

Stop by any of these great locations to pick up a cool treat while you #PlayInDavis.