I Believe in Love at First Bite – The Davis County Burger Crawl

by discoverdavis

I can’t speak for everyone in the Discover Davis office, but personally, I’m a burger and fries girl to my core. End of story. Or rather, a burger and onion rings girl. Because they’re just better, I’m sorry! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – E.C.

You don’t have to leave the county to sink your teeth into a juicy burg. Check out these local hot spots and support small businesses! I mean, I’m down for a Big Mac as much as the next gal, but not when stacked up against these eats. Feast your eyes down below!

Atlantis Burger – North Salt Lake

Want a quick bite in NSL? Stop into Atlantis Burger for a burger joint fix. Fill up on a pastrami burger, crispy golden French fries and a refreshing drink. Not only does Atlantis offer the traditional fare, but they add in a twist with offering Greek favorites like gyros and souvlakis!

Burger Stop – Layton

A Layton City staple is Burger Stop. Reigning in the area for 30 years, the beloved burger spot is now under new ownership. But none the less mom and pop as it was before. The new owners are determined to still give and enhance the same retro feel it’s known and loved for. But don’t just stop in for the vibes, even though those are good too, the food is supreme! Burger, rings and a shake is plentyyy for one person! Get the Biscoff shake, thank me later.

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Burly Burger – Layton

Known for their iconic bun branding of the Burly Man, the show doesn’t stop there. From burgers to rings to salads, you can’t go wrong with anything on the BB menu. Not to mention, fry sauce at the table for your endless consumption! In a post-Covid world, that’s a WIN, my friends.

Pace’s Dairy Ann – Woods Cross

Go on a blast to the past with a meal at Pace’s Dairy Ann. Show the kids what diner’s used to look like! Enjoy your burger and a rainbow freeze all while listening to the songs that made your grandparents groove.

Listen to me. Do NOT sleep on these tater tots! I still dream of these tater tots… I look at this picture and I think, Ronald’s got nothin’ on Ann.

RJ Grill – Bountiful

Siri, play “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Would you look at her? She is crunchy, she is soft, she is juicy. She is a blend of perfection tucked away in The Square shopping district in Bountiful. All I need is for more people to know about RJ Grill. A gem if there ever was one. Also, shoutout to my iPhone for getting this.