Flavorful Dinner Spots to Celebrate Love This Valentine’s Day

by Discover Davis

After the winter holidays come to a close, it’s nice to take a little breather from all the fanfare of the season. Excitement (and perhaps a little stress) comes back in full swing with Valentine’s Day at the top of the new year. What to buy? What to get? Where to go? What to EAT? 

The day can already be daunting enough without dealing with the south-of-Davis traffic trying to get to Downtown SLC for a dinner reservation. Do yourself a favor and see that there’s plenty to taste and discover right here! Whatever you’re pining for come Sweethearts Day, Davis has the spots that are sure to impress. 

Bartolo’s at Station Park

4.3 on Yelp

Reservations? Yes

Kim Korean House and Sushi Bar in Clearfield

4.2 on Yelp

Reservations? No

Image owned by Kim Korean House
Image owned by Kim Korean House

Mandarin Restaurant in Bountiful

4.0 on Yelp

Reservations? Yes

Image by Yelp User

Osaka Sushi in Layton

3.9 on Yelp

Reservations? Yes

Image owned by Osaka Sushi

Twigs at Station Park

3.6 on Yelp.

Reservations? Yes

Weller’s Bistro in Layton

4.7 on Yelp

Reservations? Yes, only open for a week before Valentine’s Day. (Otherwise, call ahead only.)

Image owned by Weller’s Bistro

Wildfin American Grill at Station Park

5.0 on Yelp

Reservations? Yes

Image owned by Wildfin American Grill