Discover What’s Going On At Bountiful Davis Art Center

by Discover Davis

At Bountiful Davis Art Center, there’s always something to see. Now as we enter the cold winter months, there’s no shortage of displays to explore, ponder on, or even purchase to take home! Especially now that the temperatures outside are nearing below freezing, the Art Center offers a great (warm) way to get out of the house this season. Make it a day trip for the kids or a date night and let the sense of sight and wonder take over.

Right now BDAC is showcasing three different exhibits. As you enter, the first you’ll see is Sew Tactile (Please Touch My Art) by Rosanna Lynne Welter. This display isn’t just for the eyes but also for the hands! This is a great experience for the littles since they love to see with their hands anyway.

Continuing through the Art Center, the main area is currently dedicated to the Winter Art Market where local artists sell their goods for the holiday season. If you’re still on the hunt for something from the heart and handmade, these are the perfect gifts for your loved ones. There’s still plenty to choose from between paintings, cards, candles and much more. The Market is going through December 23rd, so you still have time! The Art Center’s gingerbread collection is currently on display as well. The cutest little gingerbread houses you did see. The creativity of the community really comes out through these gingerbread houses. From classic American winters to Barbie’s ski chateau! Come be wowed and get creative inspiration for your own gingerbread creations. The gingerbread display will be out until the 9th.

To top off the current displays at BDAC, downstairs you’ll find None Of Us Knew It Could Be Said by artist Justin Chouinard. If you want art to make you think and contemplate your own family relationships, this exhibit does just that. Chouinard takes old family film and manipulates them by hand. The photos look like they had a creative mishap in the darkroom leaving the viewer wondering what the originals look like. A mixture of 3D glasses and a kaleidoscope aesthetic, the photos are a creative wonder.

With titles such as “I Admit My Ambivalence,” “Closed Door” and “Forced Generation,” the collection brings up the presumption of complicated family ties masked by traditional familial photography. Open to interpretation and personal reflection, the display opens the conversation of presentation versus reality. The exhibit features wall art, a solitary photo via projector and an active film slideshow on a retro carousel slider.