Get Inspired at the Chalk Art Festival on Bountiful Main Street

by Discover Davis

The Chalk Art Festival aka “Magic on the Sidewalk” in Bountiful, Utah is an awe-inspiring event. Along Bountiful’s picturesque Main Street, the sidewalks will be covered in masterpieces from May 16th-19th, 2018. 

What a better person to tell you about the festival, than a local artist who has been a featured artist in the Chalk Art Festival for the past six years.

Meet Trevor Wirth: 

Chalk artist

Trevor says, “The fact that the art is only temporary makes it special.” Just because it’s temporary though, doesn’t make chalk art easy. Trevor has spent as many as 72 hours on a piece of sidewalk chalk art. He says it all depends on the intricacy of a piece.

You are sure to see very intricate pieces at the festival. Check out Trevor’s piece from the 2016 Chalk Art Festival:

Chalk Art
By Trevor Wirth

When asked what inspires Trevor’s artwork, he replied: “There are a lot of things that inspire me to create. Emotion, music, beauty… Even other art. I think once an artist gets an impression it’s almost like you have to create it in order to get the impression to go away.”

He hopes that you’ll get inspired as well. “I hope that the beautiful artwork in this event and future events inspires people to create themselves or just to appreciate the beauty that’s in the world.” He knows that at times it’s hard to see beauty in the world. It’s his goal as an artist to help everyone see beauty in the world through his artwork, and enjoy it. 

If you get inspired to try your hand at chalk art, Trevor offers this advice: “The best advice I can give to anybody that’s even remotely interested in trying, is to not hold back. Don’t be afraid, and believe in yourself and love what you do! The rest will come naturally.”

Octopus drawing
By Trevor Wirth

Like many artists participating in this festival, Trevor has been drawing and painting since he was very young. He says, “It brings great joy to my heart.”

He discovered his passion for art when he realized he could manifest what he was visualizing into artwork for people to enjoy. You are sure to be amazed by what these artists create with their amazing imaginations. 

Trevor Wirth encourages the community to come out to this local event. Each artist is local and each space on the sidewalk is sponsored by a local business. The Joy Foundation is the local organization that started and has managed this event since the beginning.

With the support of businesses along Bountiful Main Street, this event becomes a full experience. After you take your stroll along the artwork and talk to local artists, complete your day by grabbing a bite to eat at one of their local restaurants and exploring local shops.

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