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The hike up Parrish Creek in Centerville is a short hike that only takes about 45 minutes and is roughly a 1-mile round trip. This trail will lead you to a waterfall and a panel of ancient pictographs!

From the Parrish Creek trailhead parking lot, the trail snakes up the mountain and crosses paths with Bonneville Shoreline Trail. To stay on this hike, continue up the mountain through tall grass and sagebrush as it turns toward Parrish Creek. After crossing the red bridge, you can hear water flowing and may discover a small waterfall!

Just beyond the waterfall and the red bridge, there is a ledge of rocks. This is where the panel of pictographs is located and is less than a quarter of a mile from the trailhead. To get to the pictographs, you will have to climb up a rocky ledge. Please be extremely cautious while going off-trail and only do so if you feel 100% confident. This hike also has great opportunities to view the sunset over the ridge and bird-watch as they fly overhead.

Photo of Rocks on Parrish Creek Trail

Cool Fact

There are ancient pictographs here. Please do not touch them, this causes them to fade.

While this hike is short, it does have some parts that are fairly steep. This trail is not recommended for very young children as there are many steep inclines, rocks, and slippery areas of the trail. Currently, in June of 2021, the water levels are low, so most rocks are dry. Please be advised that if water levels are higher, rocks and many parts of the trail may become slippery. It is recommended to wear shoes with traction.

The trail does not have many shaded areas, so be sure to bring lots of water and hike this trail during the cooler hours of the day. However, there are many spots where you can stop and cool off in the small stream that follows along the trail.

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Creek along Parrish Creek Trail

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