Annual Bison Roundup on Antelope Island State Park

by MeganC

Saddle up, for it’s that time of year again where cowboys and cowgirls alike gallop in to roundup the bison at Antelope Island State Park.  


Annual Bison Roundup: Saturday, Oct. 27th, 2018

There are opportunities to participate as a cowboy or cowgirl, but for those who just want to watch then head to Antelope Island for quite the spectacle. To start, the bison will be herded from the south end of the island to the north end of the island where they will eventually be checked and vaccinated. 

Bison Roundup
U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Dennis J. Henry Jr.

There are two main viewing areas for this event. The initial spot is down at Fielding Garr Ranch between 9 am and noon. Visitors can line the east-side road in their cars to watch the herd of bison.

30th Annual Bison Roundup
U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Allen Stokes

Once you have seen them on the east side, head on down to White Rock Bay to the second viewing spot. Here there will be bleachers, food to purchase, music and educational information. Once the bison have been herded into the corrals they will be left there for about a week to relax and calm down.

Working of the Bison

Next, the ranchers will do what is called The Working of the Bison (November 1 – 3, 2018). This is where the bison get their vaccines, health check, and some are selected to go to auction. The public can come to this event as well. There will be interpreters who will give guided tours of the whole process. 

Working of the bison
The working of the bison

The Annual Bison Roundup is such a fun experience. Watching the ride really gives you the feeling of the wild-wild-west! We hope to see everyone out at the island, Saturday, October 27th. 

Bison Roundup
U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Michael Dillon