CenterPoint Legacy Theatre presents The Play that Goes Wrong

by Discover Davis

“Prepare for an evening of side-splitting laughter at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s production of The Play That Goes Wrong. You will be transported to the charming theater of The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society and its opening night of their new production – the 1920s murder mystery ‘Murder at Haversham Manor’.  As the show’s title might suggest, opening night does not go as smoothly as hoped. The dauntless troupe struggles bravely to reach the final curtain of their murder mystery play while coping with missed lines, lost props, and poorly built scenery.”  

If you have ever been watching a performance and thought, what if they miss their line, what if that rickety set piece breaks, what if they faint from stage fright, what if they have a wardrobe malfunction, WHAT IF THEY HAVE TO IMPROVISE…what ifwhat ifwhat if. As an anxious person, thoughts like this usually refuse to leave my brain. Especially as a non-performer, I project my own performance fears onto capable performers as I worry for them…oh how I worry and replay those worst-case scenarios in my head. But not with this play! It was nice to laugh two hours away, temporarily forgetting all of my worry (for the actors, the world, and of course, my own troubles), to simply enjoy the constant string of foibbles and shenanigans that made my anxiety take a night off through this type of comedic exposure therapy.

Even if you don’t have an anxiety problem (but we doubt it, it’s 2022 after all), we can’t say enough good things about this fun play. Trust us when we tell you that it will be one of the funniest productions you will ever see…prop mixups, set disasters, unconscious actors, incompetent backstagers, and missed lines. This play is truly fun for the whole family as you can watch the funniest trainwreck unfold over the course of the evening. Each character shone exceptionally brightly in this ‘play within a play’ setup, proving their incredible acting and performance skills as they pretend to be bad actors and victims of missing and/or broken props, stumbling to adapt and keep the show going at all costs for their pained audience who will be asking themselves multiple times throughout the show, ‘Jeez, what else could possibly go wrong?!’

It was marvelous to laugh two hours blissfully away during this dreary time of year. I will be back again next weekend to laugh that hard again. Thank you all who made this production possible, it was very necessary and a great post-holiday-slump pick-me-up, so look no further for your next family event or date night and book your tickets below!

Directed by Jennifer Westfall, portrayed by two talented casts, and written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields.

Tickets: $18.75 – $34.50

Dates: January 14 – February 12 | Monday through Saturday

Time: 7:30 pm

Saturday matinees: 2:30 pm

ASL Performance: January 22 | Saturday at 2:30 pm

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Monday-Wednesday-Friday Cast

Jacob Sommer (Trevor)

Michael Gardner (Inspector Carter)

Amanda Morgan (Florence Colleymoore)

Meish Roundy (Cecil Haversham)

Photo: Holly Reid

Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday Cast

Silas Stott (Trevor)

Ryan Bruckman (Inspector Carter)

Niki Waite Padilla (Florence Colleymoore)

Meish Roundy (Cecil Haversham)

Photo: Holly Reid

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