Honoring Memorial Day in Davis County

by Discover Davis

On Monday, May 30, 2022, the United States will recognize Memorial Day to honor those who have served and sacrificed. This federal holiday is observed yearly on the last Monday in May. There are countless veterans memorials throughout Davis County. Here are some places Utahns can pay tribute this Memorial Day.

  • Bountiful Veterans Memorial Park | Map
  • Layton Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall | Map
  • Layton Vietnam Combat War Dog Memorial | Map
  • A.I. US Army Ranger and Air Force Memorial | Map
  • Flag Rock Twin Towers Memorial Hike | Map
  • Davis County Memorial Courthouse | Map
  • Hill Aerospace Museum | Map
  • Clinton Veterans Memorial Park | Map
  • Farmington Civil War Cannon | Map
  • Elmer J Criddle Memorial | Map
  • Freedom Hills Park Memorial | Map
  • 9/11 Memorial | Map
  • West Point Military Memorial | Map

Bountiful Veterans Memorial Park 

Layton Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Vietnam Combat War Dog Monument

US Army Ranger and Air Force Memorial on Antelope Island

Flag Rock

Davis County Veterans Memorial

Davis County Veterans Memorial
Photo: history.utah.gov

Housed in the Davis County Memorial Courthouse in Farmington under the famous stained glass window, this plaque memorializes veterans from the Civil War, the Black Hawk Indian Troubles, the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection, and World War I. The stained glass depicts a victorious angel heralding the efforts of a sailor and soldier with the inscription “They who sacrifice most live longest in the hearts of the people.” The courthouse is currently undergoing renovations but is worth noting for a future visit. 

More Info

Hill Aerospace Museum

Clinton Veterans Memorial Park

Civil War Cannon, Farmington

Elmer J Criddle Memorial, Kaysville City Cemetery

Freedom Hills Park

Utah Unites in Hope 9/11 Memorial, Kaysville

West Point Military Memorial