Discover CenterPoint’s ‘Kiss Me Kate’

by Discover Davis

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s production of “Kiss Me Kate” is a clever adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” The show was brought to life with remarkable energy and talent by the cast and crew.

The standout performances by lead actors Addison Welch (Fred Graham) and Michelle Blake (Lilli Vanessi) were particularly noteworthy. The vocals on these two are just outstanding! Their commitment to their characters made the romantic tension and humorous misunderstandings all the more engaging.

The supporting cast also delivered strong performances, adding heights of humor and richness to the overall production. Keely Parry as the flirty Lois Lane was a coquettish breath of fresh air. The strength of her vocals shone through. Her romantic counter in Bill Calhoun played by the ever so talented Isaac Carrillo was a gift to the stage! And playing M-F is no easy feat. Brian Stuart as Flynt was another surprise I thoroughly enjoyed. Though a smaller role, his character was visible anywhere on stage through his facial acting, singing and dancing. First Man and Second Man were characters that truly stole my heart and dare I say, stole the show! Jeremy Botelho and Brandon Garside as 1940’s New York-style gangsters was the height of the night. Their comedic timing, impeccable. The one liners drawing out audible “ha-ha’s!” throughout the house.

The set design and costumes transported the audience to the glamorous world of 1940s theater. The attention to detail in the period costumes and the versatile set pieces added to the aesthetic of the production.

Overall, Centerpoint Theatre’s “Kiss Me Kate” is a must-see for fans of musical theater. It’s a well-executed, thoroughly enjoyable performance that showcases the immense talent within the local theater community.