CenterPoint Legacy Theatre presents The Rainmaker

by Discover Davis

“Leishman Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is the perfect backdrop for this beautiful, yet funny story of trust, and seeing one’s true self.  This cast has brought something so special to the stage that the characters feel so true-to-life; they may as well be your neighbors.  The Rainmaker is the kind of theater that has you laughing and contemplating all in the same night.

It’s the Great Depression and most folks have gotten used to doing without, but when a summer drought hits harder than usual, it’s almost more than anyone can bear; including the spinster farmer’s daughter, Lizzie Curry.  When a Starbuck, a seasoned con man, enters the small town and promises rain in exchange for a hefty sum of money it starts a chain reaction that even Lizzie herself isn’t prepared for and has audiences examining the human experience.”

“How do you like your rain?…You mean we can choose our rain?”

The Rainmaker opened Monday, July 26th, and trust me, you won’t want to miss this performance. No matter who you are, there is relatability throughout the play…family dynamics, love, dreams, hope, and even the familiarity of Utah’s heat when some nights are too hot for sleep. This captivating performance will make you laugh and it will make you contemplate the moments we’ve lost faith in ourselves and faith in others, the moments where we can’t say out loud that we’re worthwhile, and the moments we try to reconcile with the grimness of reality. It highlights the importance of the people we meet along the way that help us believe in ourselves and the value of our dreams no matter how small, how big, or how absurd they might seem. And all the people in life who come and go but whose lessons stay with us.

Aside from the heavier contemplations of life, it brings you back to smaller contemplations, like the shapes of clouds in the sky and your favorite type of rain. And then you might also say, “Gee, how many types of rain are there?” The value of clouds when there are none to be seen in the entire sky, not even a wisp of a mare’s mane, let alone a stampeding herd of white buffalo across the sky bringing rain. And this especially resonating question, “Are there classes on how to be a woman?” Be prepared to have a tissue handy for the second half after intermission because no matter where in your feels it hits you, those tears are gonna feel good on your face. You’ll leave the theatre with a very important reminder…It’s up to us to make up our own minds about ourselves and how we’re going to live our lives despite what someone else is telling us…whether it’s that we’re not smart enough, pretty enough, rational enough, or all the other “you’re not enoughs” we face.

Thanks to the amazing cast for putting on such a funny, moving performance and as people say, the best kind of art is the kind that elicits an emotional response…each character was so real and you’ll love the journey they take you on. The Rainmaker only runs until August 16th, but we’ll be here to discuss and simply fan over all the feels, laughs, and ups and downs of the human experience we’re all united in. Saw it? DM us so we can talk about it and maybe start a fan club.

Beautifully Directed by Hugh Hansonthis amazing cast brings to life this stunning piece of American literature in such a charming and unique way.  

Tickets: $16.00

Dates: July 26 – August 16 | Mondays, Thursday through Saturday

Time: 7:00 pm

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Kate Williams (Lizzie Curry)

Andrew Heyward (Starbuck)

Photo: Holly Reid



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