CenterPoint Legacy Theatre Presents 2 New Productions

by Discover Davis

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre presents the classic, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a story straight from the book of Genesis about a well-dressed dreamer named Joseph.  One of twelve brothers, Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob and as such was given a beautiful coat of many colors that was the envy of his brothers and the ultimate undoing of this tight-knit biblical family.  Joseph is sold into slavery and his precious coat torn to shreds and brought before his father in a convincing effort to make Jacob believe that his beloved son was dead.  But Joseph’s winning personality, ingenuity, and prognosticating skills provided a fast track to success, winning the trust of the Pharaoh himself and the “maximum promotion” as the second most powerful man in Egypt.” 

Directed by Shelby Ferrin, with Musical Direction by, Adrianne Hellewell Choreography by Aaron Ford, and presented by two amazing casts. 

This tale won’t feel so biblical with its heavy story thanks to the funky songs, Pharaoh Elvis, and the fanciest of all fancy coats. The two amazing casts have done a wonderful and often hilarious job of telling Joseph’s story that is great for the whole family. You’ll laugh and sigh and often wish you had Joseph around to interpret your own dreams and empathize with you over your haters, but his story is worth remembering…don’t dim your light even when jealous eyes are easily threatened. Just be your magnanamous and charming self, weather the hardships, wear that fancy coat, be fabulous and rule the world! No matter what you’ve been through, even at the hands of your loved ones (hopefully your siblings are nicer than Joseph’s brothers), your time will come! Now, go go go grab your tickets! And yes, expect that that song will be stuck in your head for the next 3 days.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Cast: Matt Taylor (Joseph)

Tickets: $18.75 – $34.50

Dates: August 5 – September 3 | Monday through Saturday

Time: 7:30 pm

*Extended showing Saturday, August 13 at 11:00 am

Saturday Matinees: 2:30 pm

ASL Performance: August 13 | Saturday at 2:30 pm

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A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

“In the small English town of Chipping Cleghorn, a notice appears in the morning paper announcing that a murder will take place on Friday, October 29th at Little Paddocks at 6:30 p.m.  This apparently comes as a great surprise to Letitia Blacklock, the owner of Little Paddocks, as she had no idea what the notice meant; she didn’t place it and none of her companions knows more than she.  Miss Blacklock decides to take it in stride and prepares to welcome guests for that evening.  Assuming that this is a murder mystery party, and intrigued by the possibilities of the evening, villagers arrive and quickly discover that this is no party.  The lights go out, shots are fired and panic ensues.  When the lights come on, they discover a dead body in the next room. The police are called and attempt to solve the case will little success.  Luckily Miss Marple gets involved and methodically unravels the mystery.”

Directed by Addie Holman and performed by an amazing cast of actors.

How can you possibly announce a murder? What does that even mean? What kind of killer announces their murder??! If the title of this play intrigues and confuses you like it did us, then you won’t want to miss your chance to see this Agatha Christie tale of murder. If musicals aren’t quite your thing but true crime and deadly dinner parties are (don’t worry, we aren’t judging you), then you won’t want to miss the pure talent and whodunnit magic on Centerpoint’s smaller stage. Relying on impressive and diverse characters interacting through an intriguing plot and a murder, you get to help them unravel the thread of lies to discover true identities, motive, and theatrical excellence. This cast does an incredible job, almost transporting you through the theater into Miss Blacklock’s manor itself, as you might find yourself wishing they’d pour you a drink as well as you try to work through the details and the shock of a dinner party gone wrong. We hope you root for your favorites like we did and ultimately *gasp* when the truth is finally revealed. An excellent murder mystery, don’t wait to see this and book your tickets below! Did we mention the incredible acting?!

Photos by Holly Reid

Tickets: $16.00

Dates: July 29 – August 20 | Monday, Thursday through Saturday

Time: 7:00 pm

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