Restaurant Spotlight: Caffé Torino

by MeganC

Welcome to our first restaurant spotlight! Many people are unaware there are many wonderful restaurants in our county. We are going to take the time to spotlight some of them as well as the great food they offer. That brings us to our first spotlight. Tucked away in the corner of Fountain Square, is a quaint little locally-owned shop known as Caffé Torino

The Story

The story behind this locally-owned shop has a somewhat romantic feel. Mari Livermore is from Torino, Italy. After she and her husband Jon returned from their honeymoon there, they felt Utah needed a place where people could get really great coffee just like in Italy; however, they wanted to take it beyond the coffee and create an experience for their patrons. They have done just that. Many regulars go in and their drink is already known. To add to the experience, the caffé serves coffee in ceramic mugs (if you are staying) and many stay to enjoy the environment.

The Menu

Caffé Torino has a delicious menu and is known for their coffee, beautifully decorated lattes, and crepes. One of their most popular lattes right now is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So be sure to stop by and grab one while they are still in season.

We tried a hot chocolato while we visited the shop and it was divine! This is a very rich and decadent chocolate drink with an almost pudding-like consistency, and it is delicious! Have you ever seen the movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen? Well, there’s a scene where Judy the Elf gives Tim a cup of hot chocolate; I dreamed as a child what this would taste like, and the hot chocolato from Caffé Torino is a pretty good comparison. Yum!

Beyond drinks, Caffé Torino offers tasty crepes. The Venezia is their most popular sweet crepe. It has Nutella, your choice of strawberries or bananas inside, and is topped off with whipped cream and chocolate. It is what we like to call a “taste sensation.” They have many different savory crepes as well. 

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Caffe Torino Morning Drinks

If crepes aren’t your thing, Caffé Torino has many other items to choose from on the menu including paninis, pastries (Cartocci most popular), breakfast items, and more! 

Thank you to the Caffé Torino staff for showing such wonderful hospitality when we came to visit! We definitely recommend checking out this locally owned shop to have your own little taste of Italy! They are located at Station Park, 125 E Promontory, Farmington, UT.