How to Battle Your Teen’s Summer Boredom

by Discover Davis

“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” If you’re a parent, you may have heard this comment a time or two from your teenager, especially if they’re too young for a driver’s license. And as often as you’ve heard it, you’ve probably wracked your brain for a good response.

Thankfully, Davis County has you covered. With a UTA Rider’s License, your teen can take unlimited rides on UTA buses, streetcars, TRAX and FrontRunner trains during the summer months. And luckily, summer is when Davis County truly shines.

Friends taking a selfie in a bus

A Day in the Life of a Davis County Teen

There are so many great things to do, places to eat and stores to shop at in Davis County, that your child could spend the whole summer exploring every option. And the UTA Rider’s License makes that easier than ever. Take a look at how a day might unfold with unlimited UTA rides:

Sarah, a usually bored 15-year-old, starts her day in Bountiful. She and her three friends walk to Einstein Bros. Bagels to grab a quick breakfast. Just outside the bagel shop, they hop on the UTA bus 461 to the Woods Cross FrontRunner station.


They board the FrontRunner train and head north to the Layton station. From there, they get on the Midtown trolley to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, where they spend the morning swimming with stingrays. It’s an amazing experience—and it’s only noon.

They spend a few more hours at the aquarium enjoying their fish spa, where toothless doctor fish nibble at their feet, gently removing dead skin cells—which is something they’ll talk about all summer. When they’re done, they take the trolley back to the FrontRunner station, hop on the train and head down to Farmington.


At Station Park, there’s more than enough shops and entertainment to keep them occupied for the rest of the day. When they’re hungry, they have more than two dozen options to choose from. Today, they’ve worked up an appetite and Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana hits the spot.


Once they’ve had their fill, it’s back on the bus to Bountiful. Thanks to the UTA Rider’s License, your day wasn’t bogged down with being their personal taxicab and their day has been anything but boring. And tomorrow is sure to be the same.

Buy your kids a UTA Rider’s License today:
• On sale May 1, 2017
• $75 if purchased before June 15, 2017
• $99 after June 15, 2017
• Must be 6–18 years old
• Unlimited rides on UTA for three months (FrontRunner, TRAX, Bus, and Streetcar)
• Valid June 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017